Magrathea - 0.4

Magrathea allows you to manage and present your media visually on a map. You can use Magrathea to see exactly where you took your photos and videos.

* Intuitive, Apple-inspired interface.
* Browse and view your photos and videos right in the application, or present a virtual tour of your vacation photos using the Flyby Slideshow feature.
* Browse your friends' geotagged Flickr photos on the map and view them in Magrathea.
* Add markers by just typing in the name of a point of interest or address, or by selecting an Address Book contact. You can also simply drag and drop media onto the map itself.
* Uses Yahoo Maps to provide maps and high resolution satellite imagery down to the street level in many countries.
* Integrates with iLife so you can add your photos or home videos using the built-in media browser.
* Automatically geocodes photos tagged with GPS information.
* Search markers as you type
* Allows you to group markers into categories
* View and edit information about each marker, such as its name, address, phone number, and additional comments.
* Automatic updates with Sparkle.
* ... And much more to come

Best of all, it is completely free!

Download Magrathea