ClipaSearch Lite -

Search from any application in only two steps.
Simple, ergonomic, and useful for anyone that uses search
You will benefit from ClipaSearch Pro if you do research of any kind

Highlight text in any application - Excel, Word, Acrobat, iChat, etc - then move your cursor to the hotspot and a Spotlight or Google search is performed! Also performs 48 types of individual searches, including iTunes, with only two steps.

* 'Highlight & Hotspot' for fast Google or Spotlight search
* Stays off-screen until you need it, use 'Hotspot' to display
* Spotlight search features
* iTunes Store search for either song or artist
* Optional text entry field for searches
* Button sets include: Words, Images & Video, Mix, Music & Video, Mac, Developer
* ClipaSearch never indexes your data
* This version is Free!

Download ClipaSearch Lite