Chrysalis-B - 1.03

THE LEGENDARY GLASS CITY Every since a group of six elders saved humanity from self-destruction, there’s been rumors as to where the Elders came from. Legend has it that the Elders descended from a place called The Glass City which is located somewhere in the clouds high above. The city was created by Mother Nature herself to raise future defenders of the planet and the human race. The legend of the Glass City went unchallenged for centuries until a historian/scientist name Dr. Ordonez set up an experiment in Peru to replicate the environment which could have possibly created the Elders. CHRYSALIS-A You take the role as an assistant to Dr. Ordonez. He has created Chrysalis-A, a 100ml glass chamber with precise control of its internal temperature. After filling Chrysalis-A with plants and soil gathered from the location where the Elders were first spotted, you fired up the chamber. In doing so, Chrysalis-A started a process that if managed properly will recreate the Elders from just plants and dust! The ultimate revolution in evolution awaits! THE GAME Chrysalis is a real-time causal pace evolution widget/game. You start with nothing but plants and dirt. By figuring out the right temperature that promotes growth/evolution you must guide an unknown species through several stages of evolution until it hopefully evolve into the Elders. There are two ways to control the temperature inside Chrysalis-A. A blue value introduces chilled water into the chamber which lowers the temperature over time. A red valve turns on the gas heater which raises the temperature over time. Fumes and excess water are automatically removed from the chamber, so don’t worry about it.

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