Bones - 1.0.1

This OS X 10.4 application presents a new way of manipulating and rolling virtual dice. Perfect for any game requiring dice, with special emphasis on RPGs. Bones' unique tools allow game players to quickly manipulate up to 80 dice at a time. Includes thorough PDF manual.

From the developer of Filewrangler (for OS X). This software is 100% Cocoa, written in Objective - C.

Bones offers a unique view on dice rollling, with its main functionality exploiting the virtual nature of the dice. The interface offers a bag of dice, one for each of the major random number generators, and a "table" where the dice may be rolled. Dice may be grouped into "hands," those hands may be given distinguishing names (like "Player 1", "Player 2", etc.), and the hands on the table may be named and saved as a "set." Saved sets are available to you with each launch of Bones.

Bones gives you lots of interesting tools for manipulating the dice you roll. For example, you could roll eight hands of dice each. Each hand could be a mix of 6, 10, 12 and 20-sided dice. Once rolled, you may wish to drop the lowest 6, 10, 12 and 20-sided dice from each hand. This functionality is a keystroke away in Bones.

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