Transform - 0.10.5

I find Excel to be brilliant for making pretty sequences and sequence alignments - however each character needs to be in a separate cell.

So I wrote a little utility to do often used text / sequence transformations:

* Insert Tab before / after each character
* Insert Return after each character
* Keep only letters a-Z
* Format in blocks of 3, 10, 50, 100
* Remove leading / trailing / multiple spaces
* Reverse / complement/ invert DNA sequence
* Translate DNA sequence in frame 1 / 2 / 3
* Backtranslate protein into human / E. coli DNA (using the most frequently used codon)
* Convert 3-Letter AminoAcid code into 1-Letter code
* Convert 1-Letter AminoAcid code into 3-Letter code (spaced / tabbed)
* Get protein sequence info

... and much more (just ignore the bits you don't need)

If there are other transformations you'd like just drop me a line .

Please note that this program will run as it is - there is no installation, no files will be put anywhere (registry, system, etc in the Windows version) so it should even run if you are on "managed computers" like we are in our lab (which is a pain in the neck in 99% of all cases - IT support should be there for us, not the other way round)

Download Transform