SyncTunes - 2.0

SyncTunes synchronises tracks and podcasts from iTunes with a mounted volume (e.g. such as a SD card in a card reader, a PDA's expansion card using Missing Sync, or mobile phones' internal memory).

Who might find SyncTunes useful? In short, many people with a Mac, iTunes and a PDA or phone with audio playback capability, or non-iPod music player. From user reports, SyncTunes transfers files that work with Palm PDAs, Sony PSP, Sony Ericsson K750/P910/W800i, Siemens SX1 (Symbian s60), Nokia E and N series, and no-brand MP3 player. It is probably compatible with other audio players too, except iPods and any audio player which has a special database file.

SyncTunes provides many options for customising where tracks will be copied to: the destination folder and the subfolder for playlist tracks [podcasts will always be place in the 'podcasts' subfolder unless they are part of the selected playlist]. You can also specify if the tracks should be stored in a single folder or in artist/album subfolders. Should your device support m3u playlists, SyncTunes will create them for you.

Your device doesn't support the original file format, or you want to change the format settings? SyncTunes can convert the tracks while it copies them to the device/card.

Your device doesn't like Mac OS X's hidden files? SyncTunes will remove them from the folders it uses. For basic audio players, there is also a 'Simple' mode for quickly overriding destination folder settings and will copy just the playlist tracks to the device's/card's top-level folder (and convert formats if you want).

SyncTunes's only requirements are that the memory of the device/card is mounted on the Mac's desktop, and is writeable. Note: SyncTunes can copy tracks with any file format, even DRM protected formats, but it does not perform any DRM-removal on the files. For each file format transferred, you must have a player application that is capable of handling the format.

Download SyncTunes