ManilaMail - 1.0.1

ManilaMail is an itty bitty "status bar" application that controls the most vital functions of Apple Mail in Mac OS X. This application is based off of the Gmail part of the Google Notifier and as such it is extremely light weight. There is no Growl integration or anything fancy like that. However, this little app is still very useful and it provides the following amazing features:

* The ability to display the count of all unread messages (not only the messages in the inbox)
* Menu items to show the inbox, create a new message, and check for new messages
* And that is about it

Note that this application will reopen Mail if Mail is closed between unread message counts. Some may see this as a flaw but this is exactly what I wanted this application to do when I first designed it. The idea is to keep the user from accidentally closing Mail and therefore not receiving notifications of new mail.

Download ManilaMail