Charlotte - 1.1

If you have used Spotlight on Mac OS X then you already know how to use Charlotte. Charlotte finds relevant content from the Web like links, articles, news stories, blog posts, images, movies, books and more. Charlotte supports both Keyword searching and Contextual searching.

When you run Charlotte you will see a new green status item (Icons at the right like Date-Time, Volume, Airport etc) in your menu bar. Click on the new status item and enter keywords to find results instantly. Click the Search Icon in the Search field to see a menu with more options like Preferences, Previous searches, Updates and to Quit the application. Select “Show All Results” in the menu to see the detailed results window.

Charlotte leverages the power of the Web Services, Internet and Mac OS X Technologies to bring you a truly unique and fun experience searching the Web. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts to display the Charlotte search window and enable auto suggest feature. With “Live Snapshots” for results and a built-in Web Browser you don’t have to switch applications to view the results. You can select from a multitude of eye-pleasing animation effects like Page Curl, Ripple, Copy Machine, Flash, Dissolve etc when switching to different category results or switching from results view to browser view and vice versa.

Download Charlotte